How You Found Me, Part 2 - 9/9/04
From time to time people search for things on the web and find Paul's Pond. From time to time these people search for things more random than "Idiot Olympics" or "How many pieces of pizza can Paul eat at Beer-and-Pizza". From time to time these search items are hilarious.

I've now added a sidebar --> (there's that awesome ghetto arrow again) for some of the top search strings people have entered to find this site. I also leave you with some of this month's best:

- Lawnmower ClipArt
- packing peanuts prank
- steps to heirlooming (first of all that's not a word. Second of all, what?)
- tear down fee house
- von's wood patio furniture
- man vs beast fox midget camel relay
- hit in head by basketball



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