The 24-Hour Schedule - 9/6/04
Sunday and Monday nights are currently the only days I'm doing security, as well as being two of my heavier days for tutoring and teaching. Tuesday mornings I crash at Gabe's then work in Hollywood all day until our Tuesday night poker game, to avoid having the make the commute to South Bay and back. Thus, (and my roommates will attest to this) most weeks I basically disappear sometime Sunday afternoon and nobody sees me again until sometime late Tuesday night or Wednesday. It's a little brutal sometimes, but there's something to be said for the 48-hour work week. Even if it's in a row.

This week was no different. In what you could call a "day" (meaning the time between when I woke up Sunday and when I slept again), the following was my schedule:

Sunday Noon - Wake up, do a bit of cleaning from our party the night before.
Sunday 1pm - Surfing with Nick in Manhattan Beach.
Sunday 3:30pm - Pack an overnight bag and load the van - it's gonna be a while before I'm home again.
Sunday 4pm - Tutoring in Hawthorne.
Sunday 7pm - Dinner in Hollywood with Sam, Gabe, Jeremy 1, April and co.
Sunday 10pm - Drinks at Jeremy's in North Hollywood.
Sunday 11pm - Start working. Got some good writing done.
Monday 1am - Working. Switched things up to some web design work.
Monday 4am - Still working. Now onto Geometry textbook writing.
Monday 7am - Done working. A good night - 3 hours of writing and 5 hours of paid double-book time. To Gabe's, to wake him up by throwing a caribiner repeatedly against his window.
Monday 8am - Surfing in Venice. That's two surfing's in one day. Well, not technically, but to me it is.
Monday 10am - Back to Redondo. One more thing to do be I can sleep.
Monday 11am - Sandal shopping with April in Hermosa. There's some kind of festival going on at the Pier as April patiently explains to me that I'm not allowed to wear sandals with slacks. I was previously not aware of this.
Monday Noon - Costume shopping for our Stripper party this weekend. OK, two things before I can sleep.
Monday 1pm - Pizza and Snapple to thank April for the fashion consulting. OK, three things. Now home. I'd biked to the Pier, by the way, because there was no parking.
Monday 1:30 - See Brian for the first time in five days. Say hey to the other roommates.
Monday 2pm - Sleep. Sweet, glorious sleep.

I've got to stop making a habit of this.



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