Flaming Line Dunk Contest - 5/30/04
Last night we were minding our own business, drinking and barbequeing, when an impromptu flaming-line-slam-dunk-contest broke out. For anyone who doesn't know, it involves lighter fluid, a line of fire on our driveway, and slam dunking. So basically just what it sounds like. It happened the first time when old house friends Steve, Mike, Jesse and Nuf were in town. This time we got video footage.

Clip 1 Clip 2 Clip 3
Elia quails at the fire and pulls up into a lame NBA-Jam-style finger roll. Handsome Mark nearly converts. Gabe the Fire-Mage was not stingy with the flame. Paul finally connects.

No, this is not a good idea. At one point half our driveway was on fire and people were running through it barefoot. It's about as meat-headed as things have gotten around here.

And yet, happening on Memorial Day eve, I fear this is just a taste of what this summer is going to be like. Neither Gabe nor I will be working much this summer. Both of us have been working too hard, and are very much looking forward to some mischief. Gabe and I are already bad enough influences on one another - the last thing we need is more free time and motivation. Throw in an ankle-sprain-healed Sam and an all-messed-up-on-summer JD, and trouble brews.

Look out for more slam-dunk contests. Look out for more fire. Look out for drinking, skunking, and Idiot Olympics 2. And for the love of god, look out.



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