Catching Up - 5/29/04
I locked the keys inside the Buick this week, a bonehead move Iíve never made before but that turned out not to be too serious. Triple A had an easy time of getting it open againÖ in fact too easy. It seems with a little tool called a Slim Jim, any car door can be opened in roughly ten seconds. This little metal hook just goes down between the window and the door, finds the hook, pulls up, and there you go. It literally took him four seconds from the time he got out of his car to the time the door was opened. It would have taken me that long to open the door if Iíd had the keys! I wonder how long it takes him to hotwireÖ

In other news, the Buick still hasnít sold despite a guy from San Diego who contacted meÖ but I guess he was looking for someone locally who could bring the car by, he could test drive it, and then buy it that day. As he put it ďI need something promptly, as i'm selling my ex's car tomorrow (?) i hope. if you know what i mean,Ē I donít, actually, but thanks for shopping. Iíve resorted to starting on auction for it on Ebay. Iíll let you know how that goes.

Finally, Iíve been winning most of the time at my weekly Tuesday night poker game but losing most of the time at my weekly Thursday night beach football game. Apparently in adulthood Iím better at gambling than sports, which is a change from what Iím used to. But financially itís good Ė or it would be if I didnít spend all my gambling winnings on beer at the weekly Thursday bar night after the game.



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