How You Found Me - 5/25/04
Inspired by Sam's Website, I checked to see some of the search strings people have used to find this site. For anyone not familiar with this jargon, when you type something like "mexican restaurants los angeles" into one of the internet's various search engines, this is known as a search string and it returns a listing of various sites that contain these words. Here are a few of the strange ones that led to Paulspond:

1) "I hate cihost" - This is the name of hugesmile's domain host - apparently I'm not the only one out there who experiences frustration with its tendancy to crash for weeks at a time.
2) "tornadoes in chicago" - This I have no idea about. When did I write about tornadoes?
3) "LAPD how to perform the pit maneuver" (#4 on yahoo) - First of all, what the hell is the pit maneuver? I guess this was pieced together from a bunch of random words in my Phase 3a writing page - it seems some of the engines work this way. When I repeated the search the title was followed by: "...weight room and ball-pit... Tuesday Iíll perform a similar maneuver, perhaps biking it the... massive manhunt ensued. LAPD officers (or RBPD officers in..." I'm hope this was helpful to whoever was interested in LAPD pit maneuvers.
4) "Livingroom wrestling" (#3 on yahoo) - Aw, yeah.
5) "omelet maker employment" (#8 on google and yahoo) - Are you serious? I didn't know employment tribulations were getting so bad I was writing about this.

Keep looking for me. I'll make a sidebar and keep these up permanently when I get some more good ones.



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