At Least I Know One Thing - 5/10/04
There have been a lot of car posts this phase so far. Hereís one more.

The LeSabre is finally all licensed and good to go in California. My CA plates apparently were included in my $110 DMV fees, so the total stayed under a thousand dollars. Hopefully I can sell it very soon for that much and at least get my money back. They didnít take my AZ plates either (despite 3 people telling me they would do so), so if anyone wants a pair of valid registered plates from Arizona, let me know.

I realized I havenít registered the van in California yet either. And after this debacle, I can say one thing at least: thereís no way in HELL Iím going to.

Taking the Spacemobile to get smog-tested is opening Pandoraís Box. I can only imagine what kind of noxious ghouls will come flying out of that VW tailpipe the second they hook their little machine up to it. I donít care if Iím polluting. I recycle. I ride my bike. I donít have another thousand dollars to dump into somebody elseís problem coming from LA having too many goddamn drivers.

There are ten reasons why it makes no sense for me to register the van here. Can you give me one reason I should? Polluting? Covered that. I could get a ticket? Iíve been pulled over twice since Iíve been here and both times they just told me to get it registered soon. How do they know how long Iíve been here? Oh, maybe I should do it just for the goodness of obeying the law? Gimme a goddamn break.

Iíll take the ticket. I could take five tickets before it would come near the cost and hassle of following the rules. Thereís probably some additional noise-pollution test Iíd fail from the ghetto muffler and the Car-Tourretteís. Sorry Uncle Sam, Iím just not seeing a lot of motivation for being legal here. And no, I donít have to do it eventually. Iíll just donate the car to some homeless family charity for the tax write-off. Youíve heard the ads.

There have been a lot of car posts this phase so far. This oneís more of a rant. Too goddamn bad.



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