Triathlon P.S. - 4/20/04
I forgot to mention we stopped at Joshua Tree National Park on the way back from the triathlon, which is profoundly named for having tons and tons of Joshua trees. I think it might be named after a U2 album also. Anyway itís a very simple park but very cool.

Somebody asked me whatís next on the physical challenge agenda. Would I do an Iron Man? A Century (running 100 miles)? Or maybe Iíd just go Forrest Gump style and jog across the entire country. The answer to all these questions is no. I donít have any immediate plans, and in fact the real immediate plan is just to eat a lot and only exercise for fun for a while. Maybe someday Iíd do an Iron Man, but that sounds like more of a mid-life crisis thing. Running 100 miles is just crazy. Maybe Century Club. And I already tried to drive across the entire country, and got into enough trouble just doing that. So for now itís beach football and dollar menu double-cheeseburgers.



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