Diligence - 6/2/04
Check out this guy’s website. This is a dude who one day decided he wanted to get in shape… and had the meticulousness to do it right.

I’ve always ranked pretty high among most people as far as diligence goes. I’ve always thought there’s no point to living if you don’t have dreams, and no point to having dreams unless you make them happen. So I don’t have time just saying things and not starting them – and once I start thing I do them until they’re done.

But here’s a guy who’s possibly way more diligent than me. I try to update this website regularly – this guy makes databases like this. When John Stone decided to lose weight, he literally started monitoring every calorie that went into his body (and what its nutritional breakdown was), and every calorie that came out. With attention like this, it’s no wonder he had good results. What percent of Americans have this kind of work ethic rather than just wanting to take pills and do nothing and have the weight loose itself? I’d say less than .01%. He even made a gif animation from his daily progress photos that blends them together almost as a morph – it’s amazing. He even had the foresite to keep his arms in the same position. Jeez. I have to admire that.

I’ve always ranked pretty high among most people as far as diligence goes. But I’ve always tried to keep it real – to keep a perspective, and keep things from getting out of control. And here’s a guy who’s possibly crazy.

I found this guy’s online movie database – he had catalogued, without exception, the following information for the 200 DVDs he owns: Title, Year, Genre, Length, Director, Production Company, Principle Cast, Widescreen Format Availability, and DVD Extra Features. There may have been others but I can’t remember them all.

You can go too far. Working hard can get you a long way. It can supplement or even make up for talent and brains you may or may not be born with. But there are dangers present if one lets their assiduousness grow unchecked. When diligence goes wild – and crosses over the line into fastidious and then freakishly anal. Maybe this is my warning. I think I’ll go have a beer.



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