Passion of the Criggety - 3/22/04
Costa Sarah and I saw Passion of the Christ the other day, which surprisingly had little effect on me. The book was better. No, seriously, I guess I’m in a good position to be fully saturated with the story (having a pastor grandfather and a Sunday School teaching mother), and full desensitized to all the graphic violence, being a child of the 90’s and all. Though it does get a nauseous thumbs-up in the latter department – those Romans sure know how to stick it to the Son-of-Man. But to me the whole thing wasn’t much more than Saving Private Ryan meets the Easter story – there weren’t any wild Hollywood twists like Jesus gets a chainsaw or anything.

We did, however, get a supplementary lesson on the idiocy of the masses – our theatre was blessed with a gregarious couple that wouldn’t stop yelling dumb things at the screen during the whole movie. Yeah I know. During Passion of the Christ. I think every other person in the theatre told them to shut up at some point, to which they responded with threats of coming to find people in the darkened theater and fighting them. God how sweet would it have been if a melee had broken out during Passion of the Christ? That would have just secured my faith in mankind. I would have shouted out something about “Maybe this flick’s a little over your head,” or “Jesus says I should love you but you’re making it really hard,” but I was too busy watching Christ die for our sins.



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