; Razing Arizona - 3/24/04
Hugesmile’s been down for more than a week now, which is partly why I’m going to be posting post-emptively here for the next little bit – there’s amusing stuff to catch up on that happened during my week of internet blackness. Hugesmile being down for more than a week, by the way, is also partly why I now have a new website.

I drove to Phoenix today, with the dual intention of getting away from LA for a couple days and helping my Grandmother move out of her house there. And by help her move out I mean loot the place dry. The objective was to cram as much stuff as possible into the Spacemobile that I could either use, sell, give away or merely hoard until a future time when it might become useful. Just another challenge for the old Mobile. Anything remaining at her house will be taken by Indians.

My grandmother, having sold her usual television, has resorted to this method of using two half-broken TVs to watch programming – one supplies the screen; the other the audio. Amazingly, the NCAA tourney was just as exciting this way.

PS – Don’t hate Hugesmile too much – I’ll still be posting news and media there occasionally. You can go ahead and hate CIHost though, which is the server company.



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