Meathead Pandemonium (Part 1) - 3/27/04
I mentioned the plethora of old frat brothers staying with us this weekend… well, I’d like to blame that for the out-of-control degree of Meatheadery that occurred during those days.

Steve, Nuf, Mike and Jesse joined us for their spring break, and Elia came down from Westwood to begin the tomfoolery Saturday night with a fairly typical game of beer-pong which quickly degenerated into a very atypical game of beer-pong, involving 4 balls at a time raining down like bombshells onto a 7-base, 23-cup pyramid of cups. Fairly soon Gabe was running around screaming “Pandemonium!” and hitting people with an empty Arrowhead water cooler. At some point the Wild-Monkey-Dance may have been involved. There was also a moment when Gabe was playing with a glass blender pitcher and he dropped it, smashing our April Smoothie-making hopes to bits on the floor. There was a stunned silence for a moment, followed by uproarious laughter. Finally, the 12:30am Dunk-Contest which got us yelled at by the neighbors was sequeled by a 3:30am Dunk-Contest, which really got us yelled at by the neighbors.

One would like to attribute most of the previous to a night of besotted debauchery, but unfortunately the hullabaloo did not stop there. Sunday included very little drinking by anyone. But it nonetheless included Gabe riding a desk chair down a hill, Sam working from the floor of his room after derailing himself so badly the night before that he couldn’t get up, and five guys slam-dunking from a line of fire in our driveway, fueled by nine-tenths of a bottle of lighter fluid and match.

I will have to continue this in my next post. There are many more shenanigans to report, but this takes us through the weekend, and I think I hear Gabe calling me to a Skoot-Skate race challenge.



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