Meathead Pandemonium (Part 2) - 3/28/04
Monday brought me destroying my cell phone when I tried to ride a Skoot-Skate (read: skateboard with a handle) down the enormous hill at the end of our block. I got going nearly 30 when the board swerved wildly for some reason, throwing me off and onto the street, where I skidded for roughly 20 feet before coming to a stop. I guess those Aikido classes are paying off, because I had the presence of mind to stay on my back rather than trying to put my hands down, literally saving my skin and miraculously not even damaging my shirt. I have no idea how this happened.

But apparently Japanese self-defense also imbues you with the instinct to fall on your cell phone, if you have one – in this department neither phone nor corresponding pants faired nearly as well. But at least I wasn’t hurt, so I sheepishly got up and Skoot-skated the rest of the way to meet my parents and let them know I needed to change clothes before we went out to eat.

For everyone else’s part, JD and the guys decided spontaneously to drive to Vegas in the middle of the night, on no sleep through the fog. Sam, Gabe and another platoon of alums launched a day or two later, leaving roughly everyone I know from LA in Vegas except me. Thought it helped ease the pain when everyone came back varying degrees of broke, particularly Jeremy who flew out for 7 hours Saturday night, lost tons of money, walked back to the airport then flew home in the morning.



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