Parking Ticket - 11/2/06
I'll talk about my wacky time at West Hollywood's Halloween Street Party in a minute, but first this.

I got a parking ticket two weeks ago. I think if I've ever had a good chance at getting out of a parking ticket, it's this one.

The following is my letter to the parking bureau:

To whom it may concern,

I would like to contest the ticket I received on 10-14-06 (Cit 1037981980) at 1606 Cahuenga. As the below photographic evidence indicates, the meter was broken and had been tagged by the city; thus, I did not deposit any coins.

I also happened to have my camcorder along, and you can see video evidence of the situation at

Please excuse the ticket, and let me know if you have any questions.


Paul Jury

(Click on the image below to see the movie)


I feel like my odds are good. Just in case, though, I went ahead and inserted a single frame of somebody's ass somewhere towards the end of the movie.

You can never be too careful.



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