Hollyween - 11/5/06
I know this was last week already, but for Halloween I and some friends ventured up to West Hollywood for the town's annual Halloween parade. Well, it's not so much a parade as a hoard of half a million drunk people dressed in the most ridiculous costumes possible, but either way it's festive.

I was worried about getting my expectations up too high, but in a town most known for its A) actors and B) gay population, you can imagine they do Halloween well. Click on the picture for a bigger version.

I took all these pictures in about half an hour, before I got drunk and forgot about my camera. Note the tyically West Hollywood costumes: cross-dressers, amazingly elaborate two part Frankenstein costumes, vibrant color ensembles so vivid they look like they were stolen off the stage of the Lion King, groups of people going as boxes of crayons and bunches of bananas, and, of course, the random hot girl wearing basically nothing.

I was not disappointed.



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