Winkelwagentjes Cart Joust - 11/15/06
As our hits on the Dutch website have finally topped out near 4,000, we're left to ponder...

Possible reasons 'Shopping Cart Joust' wasn't as big a hit in the Netherlands as it could have been:

- As the Fatherland of S&M, they know what REAL pain is.
- The witty subtleties of the dialogue ("Did you get a shot of this glory hole?" "Sam fucking freaked out and dropped his mop!" "Pussy.") were lost on their barbarian culture.
- "Winkelwagentjes," is really obnoxious to read and even more obnoxious to type.
- Stealing shopping carts is legal in Amsterdam. Everything is.
- We didn't use IKEA brand mops.
- Sam actually IS a pussy.



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