Car Ghetto-ness - 11/21/06
This is a little old, but I wanted to post these pictures.

One of the most ghetto things you can do to a car is to garbage-bag-&-duct-tape one of its broken windows. And yet this is what my brother Alex and I had to do with the parents' Taurus last time we were in Minnesota.

Because, you know, it rains sometimes in Minnesota.

I think the garbage-bag-in-the-window beats out the missing-hubcap, the cracked windshield, and even the rag-for-a-gas-cap in the contest of most rougish car damage. The missing-door and the two-color-paint-job, however, come out ahead.

Sadly, two weeks after we fixed the window, the Taurus totalled itself in Colorado, on the way out to LA.

Way to go, Taurus.



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