Origami Boulder - 12/10/07
(Roommate) Noah sent me this a while ago, and I've finally gotten around to posting it:
www.origamiboulder.com is a site that sells origami boulders. Yup, it's just what it looks like. A wadded-up piece of paper being sold as art. Very post-modern. And very annoying.

Thing is, though, the guy selling it knows it's a joke, and he's playing on the idea of trying-too-hard modern art. Very very post-modern. And kind of funny.

Thing is, though, he's a little pretentious about it. Rather than subtly satirizing the ridiculous modern art world, he adopts a semi-racist Asian accent and just sort of rants. Maybe not so post-modern. And kind of annoying again. Or maybe... this annoyed response from me about his joke... the same kind of response I initially had about the idea of a wadded-up piece of paper selling as art... is exactly what he had in mind. In which case the joke's on me.

Very, very, very post-modern. And a little too much to think about at 7 in the morning.



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