Side Notes on the IdiOlympics - Part 2 - 12/11/06
In reference to Friday's post... no we never did catch a squirrel. We did catch 3 rats, however. And set them loose in our house. But you can learn all about that in a week on Pandasmash.

In another nostalgic reminiscence (it's my birthday today - I have a right to be nostalgic), today we learn about why my hair is currently only about half an inch long.

On September 11th of this year, on the fifth anniversary of that fateful day, I shave my head. Not as a symbolic act or anything - it was just coincidentally the day the shaver was available.

It was also three days after Sam had gotten a hold of my head in what will undoubtedly go down as one of the worst haircuts in human history. And so I shaved my head. There was no fixing this haircut, and I'd always kind of wanted to shave my head, but never had the balls to do so. I guess I was worried that I'd have funny bumps all over my skull, or that it'd be miscolored, or that my hair wouldn't grow back. All of which were valid concerns, I guess.

It was a very cathartic process. Sort of like getting even with every bad hair day you've ever had, which in my case means all of them. It was also very satisfying to put my shampoo and comb away and know I wouldn't need them for at least a month (I still haven't used the comb).

It was also very centering. The thought occured to me as I razored my head down to nothing - "How much can a man really know about himself if he's never shaved his head?" Some would argue plenty, but I'm not sure I agree.

Turns out I had no funny bumps, my head is not miscolored (unless you count extremely pale as being miscolored), and the hair is growing back. Slowly. So I'd recommend shaving one's head to anyone. Unless of course you're a girl. Or have nice hair. Or have a real job.



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