The Twelve Days of Guy Gifts - Part 4: Recreational Toys - 12/24/09
And for the closing chapter in our Awesome Guy Holiday Gift Guide, we have Recreational Items. Haven't all the items so far been recreational, you ask? Not like these, my friend. Not like these.


Water Trampoline

The only thing more awesome than a trampoline is a water trampoline, where you can do back-flips into the water, play endless games of "King of the Hill", or jump-kick your brother off it without being grounded for two weeks after (not that I've ever done precisely this). I'm thirty now, and honestly the prospect of jumping on one of these bad boys gets me just as excited as it did when I was eight. If anyone in my family is reading this, I'd prefer a water trampoline with a Blob attached to it, or two blobs like in the picture, so I can recreate the amazing Blob Launch video:


Human-Sized-Hamster Ball

What guy wouldn't want one of these? Cause a nuisance on your gym's running track, be invincible in paintball games, or have awesome races with your friends at the mall! Yes, I know, technically a Human-Sized Hamster Ball probably costs less to make than a water trampoline, material-wise, but I put the ball in the $$ column because I don't think it's readily available yet in the commercial market, thus harder to get, thus more expensive. In fact, the only way to acquire one, as far as I know, is to make your own, or else be a contestant on "American Gladiators", which we all know takes years of dedicated training/being friends with one of the producers.


Pleasure Bot
Straight from Japan, we present the robo-companion of the future...

You know, a robot that does pleasurable things. Like makes you dinner. Or plays a board game with you. Pleasurable things. Why, what were you thinking?



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