The Twelve Days of Guy Gifts - Part 3: Gadgets (with videos!) - 12/23/09
They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and a minute-long video is worth about 1,500 pictures. So since each of these gadgets is worthy of about 13 awesome pictures, that makes each of these videos worth about, oh let's see... 19,500,000 words? Screw it, just roll the clips.


Beer Launching Fridge
I can't describe this better than the video does...

Amazing. It's like a fridge except it tosses beers to you. It's like a catapult, except it keeps the beers cold in the meantime. Basically, it's like a fridge, plus a really great girlfriend... except it doesn't talk during the commercials.


Jet Pack

Please tell me, why aren't there more jet packs in circulation right now? Are they illegal? Dangerous? Expensive? So are many kinds of assault rifles, but criminals seem to have no trouble getting their hands on these. We should really be living in a world where diabolical villians are flying around in jet packs, robbing banks and such, only to be stopped by masked, ordinary-citizens-turned-vigilantes, also with jet packs. Is my imagination too wild? Tell me this wouldn't be way more exciting than your boring life of walking to Starbucks every day.

Guy, you could be flying.


Robot Dog
OK this one's actually of a Robot Bull, but it was the best video I could find that didn't have like 30 seconds of commercials/boring explanation on the front end. And really, a Robot Bull is basically just a Robot Dog onto which somebody mounted horns.

What will you and your new Robotic Best Friend do together? Take long walks and pick up women and nerds. Play fetch with hurled laptops. Gore the Robotic Mailman. Oh, and he eats from batteries, so no more cleaning up doggy business.

Tomorrow: Recreational Toys!



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