Sociology Experiment... involving a mattress - 7/2/06
We finally decided to give away Brian's old mattress and box spring, which had been sitting in our garage for, oh, about half a year now.

We'd attempted to sell it, but hadn't had any luck, partly because people in South Bay are wary of buying used mattresses, lest they be water stained or smelly or something. And partly because this particular mattress was a little water-stained, and smelly. But I digress.

We wanted the stuff gone, and we didn't mind not getting any money for it. The only thing we didn't want was to have to exert any effort. So we dragged the good out to curb, went onto Craigslist, and published the following post:

Double Mattress + Box Spring + Frame - FREE plus gratuity

So we have this perfectly good double-sized mattress, box spring, and frame that have been sitting in our garage for 6 months, and you can have them for nothing – all you have to do is come and pick them up.

Too good to be true? Well, we are leaving a tip bucket outside, in case you feel like paying us something. But it really is free. And it really is true.

Don’t let the price fool you – the stuff’s actually in pretty good shape. We just really want to get rid of it, and are too lazy to actually be here to transact with you when you arrive. When you get here you can see for yourself that the bed and box spring are undamaged... and thank us by leaving a tip. We’re serious about that, too.

702 N. Paulina Ave, Redondo Beach. See? There’s the address and everything. The goods are out on our curb, starting now.

First one here gets it. Ready go.

I'm hoping this goes better than last time. If you'll recall, last time I tried to give stuff away on Craigslist it took the good people of Los Angeles about five days to get their shit together and come get it, even though like 60 of them emailed me.

There's the tip bucket and everything. If you can't read it, it says "Gratuity (tip) appreciated. Thanks!"

We'll call it an sociology experiment. Will the people believe the post and take advantage of a great deal on an only slightly-smelly mattress and box spring? Will they assume someone had already come and got it, and not bother? Will the presence of the tip bucket affect anything? I guess we can only wait and see. Alright, people of Los Angeles, show us what you got.

Ready go.



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