Product Placement Everywhere - 12/28/09
Yesterday, I picked up some clothes at my tiny local Dry Cleaners and saw this.

An ad for USA's new show, "White Collar". On my shirt, which also has a white collar. Get it? Get it?

Good god, product placement has officially hit "Pepsi Cola presents the Ford Motor Company singing of the McDonald's National Anthem".

Who's going to see this? Me, for two seconds as I take my shirts home and then throw away the bag? The one other customer who might walk into this tiny store as my clothes are hanging there? The dry-cleaning lady, who has to hang up about 10,000 of these a day and thus probably now hates USA and anything associated with it?

It almost makes me wish we could go back to the pre-Tivo days where companies could just get all their ads out of the way during the 6.5 hours of daily TV we all watched, and I could go back to avoiding them by using the commercial breaks to go take a dump or making myself some delicious Orville-Redenbacher theater-style popcorn... damnit, now I'm doing it.

Instead, we have to endure the most blatant product placement imaginable, both in real life and in every show and movie. Like that scene in "Point Break" where Gary Bussey and Keanu Reeves sit around at the police station drinking Corona Lights.

Seriously. Who's going to see this "White Collar" ad?

Or wait. You just did. All of you.

Clever bastards!



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