Sherwyn-Williams - 8/7/06
Has anyone else noticed the Sherwin-Williams paint logo?

I drove by a store the other day and couldn't help by notice how un-ecologically friendly this logo seems to be. Um, I hope that paint isn't oil based, pouring it all over the Earth's continents and oceans like that. Is Sherwin Williams making a bid to be the next Exxon-Valdez?

I suppose it's possible they didn't mean it like that. Maybe the message is about societal expansion, with the ultimate goal of filling the rest of the world's open space with buildings. Buildings which, hopefully, will need to be covered in Sherwin Williams paint. Thus, the message is less about pollution, and more about imperialism and the enslaveing of nature.

Or maybe it's more of a "Sherwin Williams' paint will take over the world, MWA-HA-HA!" Then the message becomes more about diabolical super-villainy.

Or possibly Sherwin Williams is just alien-owned, and their paint is the tractor beam they'll use to pull our world into their other-worldly clutches, before they fatten us up and eat us.

In any case, I'm not seeing a good message here. Certainly not one that makes me want to buy their paint.



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