Skymall Stupid Lawn Ornament Tourney - The Aliens Have It! - 12/30/09

Battle 7
Mombasa the 9-ft Garden Giraffe - $895.00 (44%)
Alien Gnome Bandits - $149.95 (56%)
"There's something terribly, wonderfully wrong here!" boasts the caption for this wild 'n crazy statue. Indeed there is: you're buying stuff from Skymall. But if you're going to spend $150 on a yard sculpture, it might as well be two aliens carrying off a garden gnome, right? Right?

Also available in: two aliens carrying off a bird-feeder, two-aliens carrying of your neighbor's weed-wacker, and two aliens carrying your wife's bags to the house of another man who doesn't buy things on airplanes.



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