7 Things You Can Buy For the Price of the New Aston Martin One-77 - 11/16/09

So Aston Martin has come out with a new car. If you haven't heard of Aston Martin, you shouldn't be reading the "Cars" section of this website, but they make expensive automobiles. VERY expensive automobiles. Their new model, the Aston Martin One-77 (you know a car is fancy when they spell out only some of the numbers in the title) is so ridiculously lavish that they're only making 77 of them, each of which is custom made for the buyer and adjusted for their personal handling tastes by AM's head engineer, Chris Porritt. Yes, the One-77 makes your Lambourgini looks like a Pinto. It should. It costs 2 million dollars.

What? 2 million dollars? For a car? For reference, I bought a new (albeit stripped down) Honda Civic in 2005 for $13,000. Which brings me to the topic of this post: if you've got money flooding out of your pockets such that you're thinking of buy this car, be my guest. Just keep in mind what else you could be buying.

156 Honda Civics

This is a picture of my Honda Civic. It's not quite as nice as an Aston Martin One-77, but it does get me around. I can only imagine what I would do with 155 more of them. Actually, I can. Crash them into each other.

3 Islands in Panama

According to the website www.privateislandsonline.com (yes, it's a real site), there are actually some islands you can buy for as cheap as $30,000-$40,000 (I'm sure they're all in the cannibal-and-malaria part of Panama, but hey, that's not bad to own your own island.) For the price of an Aston Martin, Isla Gatun, Dolphin Bay Island, AND Punta Tigra Island could be yours! Now you just need an Aston Martin Helicopter to get there.

50-170 Mail Order Brides

(depending on their quality, and the agency fees). You might even be able to get more, if they're from China. I hear the market's really depressed over there.

A 2,060,606 item shopping spree at the 99 Cent Store

So, basically, you could buy a 99 Cent Store. Or several of them.

7,610 people in Zimbabwe working for you for a year

(No picture for this one, as every picture I found made this item seem vaguely racist) But Zimbabwe's a poor country, no matter what color the people are. The average adult only makes $268 U.S. a year. So why use your 2 million to hire a whole bunch of Zimbabweans to work for you? Doing stuff like vacuuming. Or carrying you around. Or building you an Aston Martin?

18,545 Mona Lisa's

Reproductions, of course. You'd need 350 One-77's to buy the real Mona Lisa.
This all is very fitting, since one uber-rich guy actually bought two Aston Martins, one to drive, and one to hang on his wall.

And, of course,

2,000,000 Gumballs

Thanks to DailyMail.co.uk for the source!



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