Super Happy Fun Shooter - 12/27/06
Happy holidays, all.

I've been spending most of it in the cold north (Minnesota), catching up on snow and family, which is why I haven't been posting. Did want to share a brief anecdote about a friend's plane experience traveling back, however.

Against better judgment, this friend of mine decided to carry onto her airplane a kitchen utensil known as a cake knife. You know, one of those half-knife, half-scooper deals you use to first slice soft cake and then serve it. Apparently it was some kind of family heirloom that she didn't want to risk losing in bag check. What kind of family keeps cake knives as heirlooms, I'm not sure - perhaps the same kind of family that things cake knives will get lost in bag check... but I digress.

In her defense, however, this thing couldn't cut butter (how well it could cut cake remains to be seen). Thick and barely serated, it was about as sharp as the handle of a spoon. Nonetheless, it was made of metal, and looked remotely threatening going through the X-ray machine, and so my friend was pulled aside, and the cake knife presented to her for questioning.

"What's this?" asked the stern-looking TSA lady.
"Oh, nothing, it's just a cake knife," said my friend.
"A KNIFE?" exclaimed the TSA lady.
"I mean, not a knife, it's like a server. For cake."
"But you said knife. You can't take a knife on an airplane."
"Well it's called a knife, but it's really more a server. The only thing it cuts is cake."
"Then you should call it a cake server."
"Could I take it on the plane then?"
"Not if it's a knife."
"It's not a knife."
"It's called a cake server?"
"Er... yes," said my friend, at least catching on. "It's called a cake server."
"Then go ahead," said the TSA woman, waving her through."

I'll have to remember this next time I want to bring my Super Happy Fun Shooter onto an airplane.



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