The Snuggie's Retarded Brother - 4/15/09
My friend Kiki sent me this, as a nominee for "WTF Item of the Month." Actually, she was suggesting I give it away in next year's Easter Egg hunt, but I don't hate my friends that much.

It's called the Peekaru, which is an amalgamation of the words "Pikachu" and "Brain-Rapingly Shit-Stupid". There's a whole website about it, which, as you might imagine, rips the Peekaru to shreds in the way, well, your baby's dignity would be ripped to shreds if you were inhuman enough to cram the poor little bastard into one of these fashion crimes.

The comments really beat me to it in making fun of this thing ("Why should doggie sweaters be the limit of your fashion atrocities? Now your baby can look like a dipshit too."), but here are a couple of my favorites:

1) "The chest-leaping parasite from Aliens looks much happier this time."


3) Kuato (from Total Recall): Start the reactor... Free Mars!



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