Euginia's Story - 2/1/07
Originally Posted 2/1/07
Every other week, we are lucky enough to have a wonderful Guatamalan woman named Euginia come put a professional cleaning touch on our house. We're not spoiled or anything - we just really hate mopping, and in a place that sometimes borders on fraternity house status, it's well worth the money to have someone help us not get dysentery from the floors. Plus, Euginia is really cool.

Today, however, Euginia and I had the following rather odd exchange:

EUGENIA: (knocks on my door, where I'm editing some ridiculous sketch about an alien who speaks backwards or something) Hi Paul, I was wondering if next time I come, I could come on Saturday instead of on Wednesday.
ME: Yeah, of course. Why, what's going on?
EUGENIA: I have to go to Guatemala for a few days. My brother is in the hospital.
ME: Oh no, I'm sorry. What happened.
EUGENIA: (pause) He was attacked by bees.
ME: (longer pause) He was attacked by bees?
EUGENIA: Yes. He was at a funeral for my grandfather and some bad kids attacked a bee hive and the bees attacked the funeral.
ME: The bees attacked the funeral?
EUGENIA: Yes. My brother was stung one hundred times. He's allergic to bees.
ME: (pause) Is he going to be OK?
EUGENIA: Yes. But he got stung in the head a lot, so I wanted to go see him in the hospital.
ME: Sure, of course. (pause) So he was going to a funeral for his grandfather, and bees attacked the funeral, and he got stung one hundred times in the head, and he's allergic to bees?
ME: Wow. (pause) That sucks.
Aside from the fact Eugenia is totally normal, this story is far too ridiculous to be made up. And if she did make it up, I'm going to stop paying her for helping us clean and start paying her to write this website.



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