17 Awesome Captchas - 11/9/09
You know Captchas: those distorted combinations of random words, letters and numbers (and on more annoying sites, wingdings) you're supposed to type into Craigslist's Casual Encounters to prove you're not a robot. Well, in this age of monkeys typing Shakespeare, the number of captcha's being randomly generated has gotten so high that eventually, some of them have to be funny. Here are 17 of my favorites.

Your computer is trying to tell you something.

What really caused Rome to fall.

Further proof the Google's servers are anti-Semitic.

Less fortunate younger brother or Snatch's Gorgeous George.

Jeez Google, ease up. Sorry I called you anti-Semitic.

I think this is my favorite one of all.

Ah, the irony of having to type porn to prove you're not a porn-bot.



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