Lost and Found - 9/29/09
OK, enough is enough. The lost & found in our house has surpassed 4 boxes worth. Time to clear it out.

The following two pictures are of every item someone has ever left at our house and not claimed (except a really cool first aid kid, which I commandeered for the house). These were taken at the highest resolution my camera can take; if you click on them, you'll get the super giant version, so you can zoom in and look closer.

You may do the following things:
- Claim "That's mine," in which case you have until Friday midnight to come pick it up. Or you can try to make other arrangements (bring it to Chicago for homecoming, etc), though I'm not mailing anybody's shit. - Claim "That's not mine, but I want it," in which case I'll email you back on Saturday and tell you whether you got it or not. Then you have until a week from Thursday (Oct 8th) at midnight to come get it.

Anything that's left over I'm giving to Goodwill. Alright. Here are the pictures. Happy hunting.



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