Tournament For Life - 10/26/09

My brother sent me a link to this cancer fundraiser his company was doing, called "Tournament Fore Life." We got real excited for a second until we found out it was just a shitty golf tournament (get it? Tournament FORE Life? Gag.) Not that there's anything wrong with fighting cancer via putting; it's just that we had pictured something much more awesome, like a Mortal Kombat Tournament where the winner actually gets to FIGHT cancer as the end boss, and if he wins, everyone is cured. Or if he doesn't, he immediately dies. You know. Of cancer.

We ultimately decided, unfortunately, that such a tournament probably wouldn't be sponsorable by his HR program, and probably not physically possible either, but we made this poster anyway. Just cuz it's awesome.

PS - I briefly considered putting other famous characters into the fight besides Scorption, but I supposed it's probably too soon to be making " "Swayze. vs. Cancer. Cancer. Wins." jokes.



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