Theo's Board - 11/5/09
Yesterday, I took my first shot at surfing in about 6 months. Not really caring which board I used, I just grabbed this red one that had mysteriously appeared in my yard.

Turns out, it's Theo's, from Road Rules. He won it in a Gauntlet Challenge.

Yes, that Theo. That's Los Angeles for you - right up there with Leann Rimes being on my softball team, Theo from Road Rules's surfboard somehow wound up in my yard. It's a long story, but it has something to do with him being a friend of my girlfriend's sister, and I met him at a party of theirs once. He's a lot smaller - and a lot less fighty - in real life. A real nice guy, actually, so long as you don't come up to him and go "Hey, OMG, are you Theo from Road Rules!?" like everybody does. He hates that.

Oh, and our softball team won the championship this week, without Leann Rimes showing up to a single game. Ah, flaky Leann. I guess she's got her own action going on these days.



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