Watch a Bunch of 29-Year-Olds Crawl Over Each Other to Get Easter Eggs - 4/13/09
Yesterday, for Easter, we had an Egg Hunt at our house, where hunters searched high and low for candy, plastic eggs with tasks in them ("Spin around in a circle ten times before continuing"), bottles of champagne and Bud Light Lime, wine coolers, tiny 40's, and two Snuggies. Yes, the As-Seen-On-TV Snuggies, which I formerly mocked in the Skymall Dumbest Item Tournament. I guess the blanket with sleeves gets the last laugh.

The hunters were 15 of my closest friends, or rather nearly 30 of my closest friends, by the time my brothers and I went to retrieve them from the front yard where we'd banished them to play Flip Cup while we hid eggs. By this point, everyone was pretty ramped up on anticipation and/or beer... and, well... I think it's just better to let the video speak for itself.

We're just lucky no one was trampled.

And then, of course, we all played Jews Vs. Christians Flip Cup.

The Jews won... but I supposed that's what us Christians get for just recruiting everybody. You're bound to get some weak links.



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