The 20 Stupidest Things People Have Named Their Kids - 10/12/09
I've always been a big fan of ridiculous names, ever since as a kid I learned about a Texas A&M basketball player named Scientific Mapp. People everywhere, it seems, are deadset on naming their kids retarded things. Here are 20 of the most retarded-est.

Urban Shocker

An MLB pitcher in the early 1900's. Also a controversial sexual move administered on a subway.

Staff Sgt. Max Fightmaster

Winner of the Most-Badass-Name-of-All-Time Award.

Jellyfish McSaveloy


Moxie CrimeFighter Jillette

Daughter of magician Penn Jillette. At least her name's not Shazam.

Wonderful Terrific Monds III

Minor league baseball player in the 1990's. Never made it to the Majors though, so I guess he couldn't have been that Wonderful Terrific (sorry for that).

Number 16 Bus Shelter

A kid in New Zealand. After either where he was concieved, where he was born, or where he moved after he ditched his parents for giving him such a terrible name.

Minty Clinch

Film publicist and journalist, though her name sounds like a euphemism for a freshly-douched vajayjay.

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