Biking, Biking, Everywhere - 3/7/04
If Iím ever going to prove that I can live in Los Angeles and not own a car, the key is going to be biking. This I discovered during that wonderful three-week adventure when the Spacemobile was crippled (the most recent time) Ė I realized that as long as I stayed in the South Bay, most places were reachable by a 30-minute-or-less bicycle ride, including work, recreation and the Vons thatís a two-minute walk as long as Iím willing to break picket lines. This realization became increasingly important when I found out the train only goes to certain places (none of which are near my house, or near anywhere I teach or tutor), and that the buses donít run predictably during certain crucial times, such as weekends.

Additionally, a whole new spectrum of destinations opens when youíre able to creatively biking with busing or biking with training. I know I just got through talking bad about them, but the mass transit systems do run sometimes, and theyíre very good about letting you bring your bike along with you. Thus the time I biked to the train and then rode to Hollywood, which took a while but only cost a dollar, as opposed to the usual ten bucks of gas the Mobile guzzles through in that same trip.

The biggest challenge remains how to get to my weekly class in the Palos Verdes Hills, which is only 7 miles away but entirely up hill on the way there. My theory is to try and take a combination of buses to get there, but bring my bike and coast all the way back, since itís basically like a 50mph roller-coaster when youíre coming down hill. I guess the way up is more like a chairlift than a bus ride. Friend Mike and I recently proved both halves of this trek possible the other week when we rode up to the top of the hills for no apparent reason. I mean for the challenge. We did it for the challenge. And the pictures.



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