WEEK 21... and so on... - 2/10/04
As the phases (and weeks, for that matter) matter less and less, we begin this chapter with a panoramic from one of the more Elysian collegiate overlooks there is.

Sarah from Irvine and I took a trip up to Pepperdine this week, which is the most ridiculous college campus ever. No, replace “college” with “cloud-like paradise”. First of all it’s in Malibu. Second of all it’s up on top of this Olympus-like mountain, giving you roughly 120 degrees of high-up ocean view. Third, well, just look at the picture. Pepperdine's a small school but is Division 1 in baseball and tennis. I can't imagine why anyone would want to play here.

Oh, and nearby there actually is a castle up on top of another mountain. The only way to access it is via beanstalk.



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