Dueling Diatribes - 2/29/04
The Rantings of a Conservative Man I overheard at Aura Club:
“…And you, son. You look like a good, hot-blooded Republican. Who’re you voting for? Eh, doesn’t matter. It’s going to be hard for any divided Democrat candidate to win out over a wartime incumbent. You know what, though? I could vote for someone else. Bush has really said some things recently that have rubbed me the wrong way. Just give me a good, articulate candidate who says what he believes… (a woman walks by with her daughter who’s in basketball garb from a practice) …OK, I’m sorry I gotta say something. That’s one thing that just really chaps my hide. Women who try to get their daughters involved in sports. What the hell are they doing? I mean, goddamn, what’s next? Anyway, what was I saying…”

The Vituperations of a Revolutionary Woman (and I assume a Liberal) who accosted Sam and I at the Mariposa Coffee Shop as we were trying to write during my security shift:
”…and, aw, it’s gonna be so great when the revolution happens! Can you imagine? You know they could go to solar right now if they wanted – but it’s the Halliburtons and the others. God the revolution’s gonna be great. When they kick out George W and this very coffee shop turns into a pot-store? Man I tell ya, it’s the legalization that’s gonna do it. I know some people, don’t got much going now, but man are they gonna get off their asses and do something once pot is legal. This one friend, knows all this about botany and chemicals… can’t keep a job now, but once pot is legal he’s gonna make millions. You guys got a place I can crash? Otherwise I’m gonna have to sleep in my car again. It’s cool though.”

And the winner…
Yeah… extreme people from both sides of the spectrum are frightening. Very frightening.

I tried to get Sam to take the Revolutionary Chick home, but we was having none of it.



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