Week 15 - 12/21/03
Four days until Christmas, though it might as well be July because I have yet to see a lick of snow or freezing temperature. Iím celebrating by flying home for a rampant 48-spree of partying and family time. I plan on sleeping 8 hours of it, max.

The roommates have been slowly departing for their various Ďbetter-than-mineí vacations Ė Sam left Friday, JD left yesterday and Gabe leaves tomorrow. This has meant a multitude of airport trips, as well as the resulting multitude of free meals bought as thanks for said airport trips.

It has also meant a surprising amount of strategy as far a car-placement goes. Our place is only about 7 miles from the airport, but the places I work at are only about 2 miles away. Which translates into only a five-dollar cab ride if youíre unfortunate enough to be flying in or out at a time nobody can drive you. JD returns from Ohio next Friday when I canít pick him up, so to prepare we dropped his car off in one of my parking lots and I drove him the rest of the way. Next Tuesday Iíll perform a similar maneuver, perhaps biking it the remaining 2 miles, though last time I did that I had to chain my bike up outside the Encounter Restaurant at the airport and came back to find my tires slashed. And next Wednesday Sarah will add to the madness by parking her car in the lot as well then taking a cab. She lives in Irvine; JD and I live in Redondo, and yet for three days all three of our cars will be parked side by side in a lot in El Segundo. The fact that it really does make sense is the disturbing part.

Thisíll do it for my vacations for a while Ė after that itís down to business. And by that I mean Iím going to start working less and learn to surf.



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