Week 16 - 1/3/04
Not to start a post with ranting, but here goes:

I HATE THE VIKINGS. 6-0 start to end up 9-7 and fumble-onside-kick their way out of the NFL playoffs? And this after I just bought yet another cheap plastic Viking Helmet off Ebay to show my support. Alright, I bought it for a drinking hat. Maybe they sensed my insincerity.

I HATE YELLOW CAB. That plan JD, Sarah and I had to park 2 miles from the airport and then cab it cheaply the rest of the way? Well the first part worked well. But apparently taxi meters work on speed out here in LA – it cost me 14 dollars to go the remaining 3 kilometers. On the way back, upon insisting the cabbie take me by a more direct route, it only cost 7 dollars, but this was jacked up to 11 because apparently there’s an exorbitant 3-dollar fee for any cab ride originating at the airport. Originating at the airport!? Isn’t that like half of all cab rides? I was incensed over the apparently rip-off-age, only to find Sarah had paid 22 dollars to journey her two miles. That’s almost 50 bucks for six miles of transportation. From now on I’m taking one of the red or blue or green or other Skittles-flavored cabs. Or better yet, I’m just walking.

Ranting over now. A lovely 52-hour jaunt to Minneapolis for Christmas, full of family, friends and food. Also I guess it rained all day on the 25th in LA, whereas we enjoyed blue skies, white lawns, and a tropical 20 degrees in MN. Take that California.

I also experienced my first Earthquake on Monday, although I didn’t notice. I guess parts of central California were shook up pretty bad, though down here it trickled to like a .001 on the Richter scale. So the game of Jenga I was playing at the time wasn’t effected. I was disappointed.

Finally, a message left by Seann Verde on my answering machine: In response to a voicemail message stating “Hi, this is Paul’s microwave. His answering machine is broken this week, but if you leave me the message I’ll see that he gets it in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… (beep).” Yeah I know, kind of lame. Anyway, the response: “Uh… yeah… 30 seconds on high. No, no wait! Wait. Fifty percent… No, wait, no… I’ll just use the popcorn button. Popcorn button. Popcorn… Hello?” Classic Verde.



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