2004 - 1/7/04
So I got a digital camera for Christmas, a gift from parents and aunt and uncle. Apparently after all the megapixels I wasted on the Roadtrip last summer, they thought I would put it to good use. And I shall - this site now has photo-fuel without having to resort to borrowing/stealing of Sam's camera. A merry Christmas to all.

I figured, then, that it was only appropriate that I begin the New Year with a photo treasure hunt of some of the quirks of our apartment, to prove the graphic generosity not wasted. So, welcome back friends, to another year of lambasting Los Angeles and lampooning life... This year we're technologically self-reliant.

The Features of 702 Paulina - A Photo Tour (part 1)
The Salmon-Colored Exterior - Some may recognize this picture from the Roadtrip. Since that time, the color of our house has been definitively decided on as "salmon", as opposed to the briefly considered "pink", "peach", and "daiquiri-puke". Names aside, it's still straight out of the early '70's, and it's still ugly.
The Pants Planter - I don't really remember how this hideous rubber-plant-in-an-Ants-in-the-Pants came into our house, but I think it had something to do with Gabe's grandmother heirlooming it off to him and insisting on her deathbed that he display it in a position of prominence in all his future homes. Why it's still here has something to do with Gabe threatening us with death should we defile his grandmother by removing it. Note the dancing Santa-Homer to the left and Gabe's garage remote (which he has never used) to the right.
The Chocolate Candle - Combine the warm, romantic aura of a candle with the scent of baking/burning chocolate? Doesn’t quite work. I don't know why we don't just throw it away, since it makes the house smell like singed fudge whenever it's lit. For some reason we just don't.
The 1930's Refrigerator - Manufactured before the energy crisis (the one in the '70's, not the current one), this abomination of a fridge is responsible for at least one-third of our total electric bill each month. It's also dirty, has several broken shelves and smells faintly of rot. Thus, by next week we will have bought a new one and thrown this one off of a high place. Maybe the ChocoCandle with it.
The 1920's Oven - Unfortunately they won’t let us throw this off a high. At least it works (both times we've used it), and once we replace the fridge it will be the only interior thing chronologically consistent with the Salmon-Colored Exterior.
The Decor - Yes, this is what passes for decoration in our apartment. Made famous by the Ugly Baby Article from Hugesmile News, this picture was printed by a friend, put on top of a thermostat, and has not been taken down. Aside from a few actually-classy Chicago pictures in the living room, this is about all we've got. None of the thermostats in our house work, by the way.
Sam's Bed - Sam's bed is used more than any other piece of furniture in our house. He's there for roughly 18 hours a day since his job allows him to work from bed, and when he gets up JD is right there basking in the warm indent like a cat in a fresh laundry basket. Even when Sam leaves town someone finds a way to sleep in his bed, be it Gabe and cookie crumbs, Jeremy's friend and an abundance of feminine hygiene products, or Walker and packing peanuts.



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