Why Paulspond Went on Hiatus - 4/4/09
I'm back!

If you're wondering where Paulspond went for the past year, there are two reasons...

Reason A) Sam's and my hardwork at Pandasmash finally paid off and we got full-time gigs making comedy videos for Break.com, and I wanted to devote my full creative energy to my new position for a while.

Reason B) A bunch of high school counselors were spreading rumors that Paulspond was a pornography site.

Yup, the big news of 2008 is that I am now writing (and directing, editing, etc) comedy full time. It's hard to find us on Break amidst all the user-submitted nut kick videos, but Pandasmash can show you what we've been up to (the "Break Era" section at the top of the homepage shows the 35+ videos we’ve made this year. It's great. Salary, free lunches and everything. I never thought I'd get benefits for making videos where old men lob bricks of money at each other.

So learn more about Reason B)... read on...



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