Week 20 - 2/3/04
So when you give a 95% chance that the Spacemobile is done, there’s always that 5% chance that will somehow come back to life. That damn thing just won’t die. Here’s what happened – briefly, because frankly I’m almost tired of talking about it.

A couple days after the $1400 transmission estimate had started nailing shut the coffin on the old girl, I innocently dropped off the papers from the Billings repair, just in case that helped them in any way. The next day I received a call from the guy reading it who told me the whole thing might just be covered under warrantee. One catch – I had to authorize a $700 tear-down fee that would allow them to tell for certain. If they got in there and the problem was covered, they’d give back thee 700 and fix everything for free. If not, I lost the 700 and they would hand me the parts back in a bag unless I wanted to pay more to have them put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

“So basically,” I said “You want me to gamble 700 dollars on whether or not the problem is covered by warrantee.”

“Well that’s kind of a silly way of putting it,” he said. “But yeah.”

I told him I’d need to speak to the financial-backers-that-be before I could make such a bet, and called Mama Jury who said she wanted to talk to the guy as well and see if she could get any more information. And the next day I got a message that she gave him the go ahead to dig in.

That was 5 days ago and I haven’t heard another word from the dealer, but I guess we’re gambling now. C’mon big money big money no whammy no whammy stop.

Also, the following is a conversation JD and I had (basically) with the proprietor of a restaurant in El Segundo labeled “24-Hour-Coffee-Shop” as we walked in at 3:45am one morning a few weeks back:

PROPRIETOR: Sorry, we’re closed.
PAUL: What? I thought you were open 24 hours.
PROPRIETOR: Sorry about that. We actually close from 3:30 until 5:00 each morning.
JD: So it’s like a 22-and-a-half hour coffee shop.
PAUL: But your sign says-
PROPRIETOR: We’re closed.
PAUL: So… what exactly is “24-hours” about it?
PROPRIETOR: I guess nothing. Do you want an omelet or something?
PAUL: I thought this was a coffee shop.
PROPRIETOR: Mostly we serve breakfast, and other food.
JD: So it’s like a 22-and-a-half hour coffee shop that doesn’t serve coffee.
PAUL: But your sign says-
PROPRIETOR: We’re closed.
JD: It smells like a gerbil cage in here.

We ended up going to Denny’s.



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