Week 9 - 11/10/03
Job update – it seems as if I’ve been recruited into Kaplan’s training course to do standardized test tutoring, adding another job onto my already heaping schedule. This now makes 4 jobs not including the office-moving thing, rivaling a year ago when I was working as a news video editor, a bouncer, a web designer and a painter.

I’ve also officially adopted the “Leonardo DaVinci Sleep Schedule”, also known as the Moon Orbit Sleep Schedule. Rumor has it the master painter achieved his great success by sleeping only in 15 minute increments, and only half a dozen of these or so a day. I’m doing a little better than that, but it’s now been 4 days since I’ve slept for longer than 2 consecutive hours. My body’s given up being tired – at this point it just doesn’t even know what to do with me anymore. It might think we’re planning on hibernating for the winter. It’s going to be disappointed.

Fear not – this will only last a couple more days, as I’m paring down the health club thing in favor of more mentally challenging work/getting paid to sleep and write. But not before a weekend of malarkey as Jeremy and Mike, two old college buds, descended upon Redondo for two days of mayhem/spilling beer on our ping-pong table. Jeremy and Sam also did a quite successful dual music/comedy show at a local bar and a local coffee house, which has now inspired JD and I to put on a similar “Spoken Word” act, involving such JD/Paul hits as The Movie Trailer Mad Lib Game and “Web-Postings of a Suicidal 13-Year Old and His Friends”. Stay tuned for tour dates.



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