What's New on Paulspond? - 4/5/09
In the year that PP was down, I had the chance to fix a few things with the site. Or rather, I had time to hire Sam to fix a few things with the site, since I'm an idiot about PHP.

- View counts! As you can see on the right side, I now have a way to track which posts are the most popular. Will the post about trying to buy a seal from Seaworld and keep it in our basement be more widely read than the post about my tendancy to make peanut butter sandwiches while driving? Also at the bottom right, there's an ALL ENTRIES section where you can see the titles and viewcounts for every post I've ever done.

- Archives! Now (and so many of you rightfully complained about this) you can actually find old posts. Know when the post went up? See the archive section. Know what it was called? See the ALL ENTRIES section. Don't know either? Email me and I'll tell you. I have some time on my hands.

- Publicity stuff! I'm actually hoping to use what I've learned in the web video business and send some of these posts out into the world (although most of the time I'm still just going to write about stupid crap that only you would want to read about). You can help me by Digging or Redditing posts if you like them.

But don't worry, I'm not gonna go all commercial on you...

- No comments. In working for Break.com, which has possibly the dumbest audience in the universe, I've developed a deep disdain for comments. If I write a stupid/awesome post, I encourage you to email me and tell me how much I suck/rule. Also, a comment section would mean much work for Sam.

- Typos. When we make a video for Break or Pandasmash, it takes 40-100 hours. With all that time spent, there's a lot of pressure, to make sure everything's perfect. With Paul's Pond, I've always wanted that pressure to be off, for me to be able to just write whatever the hell seems amusing, without worrying about whether it's weird or offensive or will get me banned from a high school. Therefore, I almost never proof read these posts. I promise not to write crap that isn't funny, but I don't promise not to spell a word worng every once in a while.

- Short posts. Sometimes I'll go on a tirade about something and write a long post, but another thing I like about the no-pressure pond is being able to bang out a three sentence post in five minutes that takes you 30 seconds to read.



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