Week 4 - 10/7/03
The health club continues to be funny. This week we got a complaint from a member who walked into the steam room and found two dudes “going at it”, in the “one guy on his knees, the other guy standing” kind of way. Apparently the guy on his knees immediately got up and bolted, while the other guy just kind of stood there with a grin. Needless to say the member was traumatized, and he demanded that our manager do something about it, though what he expected us to do I’m not quite sure. A “No Fellatio” sign would probably a little much, and expensive as well because we’d have to get it custom-built. I wanted to ask the guy if he got a good look at either of the two culprits, but I figured any memory of his not obscured by the steam was probably already being repressed.

Aura is a place of contrasts. I work the morning shift with an extremely entertaining girl from Nebraska who now lives in the ghetto. She had to take a couple days off this week because a friend of hers was gunned down in a drive-by that happened ten feet from where she was standing, and two days later the retaliation drive-by went down about twenty feet from her, thought it missed all the targets it was after. She told me all this while ringing up an invoice for 30 personal training sessions bought by a rich woman from Palos Verdes for 1500 dollars. And then the next day she went to go get a free Smoothie promised to her by the owner of the Aura Café (yes, we have a café), only to find she could not redeem because the owner had died the previous night in some kind of freak accident. This girl seems to have a knack for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Like South Central when you’re from Nebraska.



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