Week 6 - 10/21/03
This week’s news in Los Angeles: both the transit workers and supermarket workers are on strike, so even if you could get to the store you can’t buy any food. Also Arnold Schwarzeneggar has been elected governor. Where am I?

More hoops to jump through in the Security conquest... maybe they should just call up the payroll guy in Chicago who I’ve been calling for two months now to try and get him to send me my last check. He could straighten it all out for them. At least it seems they’ve officially hired me though – I spent 2.5 hours Monday completing their 8-hour training program, which was very similar to the one I completed five months ago. Except there were more typos in the manual, and there was actually a question in the drivers’ safety section that said “True of False? The traits “reckless” and “careful” mean the same thing.” Um, false? No wonder it took me 2.5 hours to complete it.

I don’t know where they’ll place me yet, but once I begin working overnights I'll be up damn near 100 hour a week, at least until I scale back the health club thing or stop taking every free-lance job that comes along. My friend once told me of a man he'd heard of named George Behrman who found a way to hold 3 simultaneous full-time jobs. Apparently he was able to pull this off by having one job he could sleep/shower at, one job that was actually personally fulfilling (and made it all worthwhile), and one job where he could interact with people/have a good time. All in all he was only making 30 thousand bucks at each job, but added together he did pretty well for himself for a couple years. Throw in not needing a place to live or having any time to spend all this money... George made some investments and retired at 38. I don't think I'm quite to that extreme, but I'm sure I'm probably one of the few people whose reaction to this story is less "That's freakin' insane" and more "I bet I could do that."

In the meantime though, I was able to get out of California this weekendand see my brothers play football with my family on the East Coast. I also ran the Providence Marathon and finished in 3.5 hours, which I guess is pretty good.

I returned to LA to find JD with a girlfriend, Sam with a new job and Gabe with a recently-developed nasty habit of playing pranks on people involving packing peanuts stuffed in every corner of their room. Sam is also very mad at everyone, mostly because of the packing peanuts. I also took LA driving to a new level with a commute from Woodland Hills in the northwest to Irvine in the south, two different areas of the same city that it apparently takes 2.5 hours to drive between on a Friday night. And finally, there’s a huge sun surge that is supposed to fire a giant wave of radiation at the earth this week, interfering with satellite signals and intensifying the Santa Ana winds, this annual storm of really hot air that blows through Los Angeles and melts stuff every October.

Seriously, where am I?



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