Can a White Man Still Be President? - 7/27/07
I recently acquired a subscription to Esquire magazine. I don't really know how I came to have a subscription to Esquire; I guess my subscription to FHM (For Him Magazine) was switched over when FHM went out of business, and they wanted to give me something similar. Come to think about it, I don't really know how I came to have a subscription to FHM either; perhaps the same roommates responsible for my free Marlboro sleep mask signed me up.

Anyway, here's the latest issue's headline:

Really? Can a white man still be president?

Um… yes?

My friend Pat opined that this is most likely just a desperate attempt by Enquire to grab attention (perhaps of all the former FHM readers who don't know why they're now getting Esquire), but couldn't they have done it with something a little less intelligence-insulting? I mean, this is a rhetorical question at the level of:

- Can an elderly Catholic still be pope?
- Can a rich white kid still get into college?
- Can a tall black man still play in the NBA?

Regarding what, I assume, they actually meant by the question: I like how quickly we've gone from "Gee, is America ready for a black or female president?" to, "So, clearly, either Obama or Hillary has already won the election that's still 15 months way… but can we ever go back?" Lord knows how enlightened we've been in the last two elections…

This is not a political blog, but I do think either Hillary or Obama could do a good job… I just don't think America's ready yet. I mean, we're talking about an electorate that re-elected Bush. I don't think they're ready to have mittens that aren't connected by a string, much less respect and follow a minority or female president. But then again, maybe Chris Rock had it right in his recent SNL appearance: "Why NOT elect a black or female president? We just had a retarded one."

I may keep my Enquire subscription. At least for the comic relief.



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