Yard Games - 8/13/07
After 4 memorable years, my time in Redondo Beach is finally coming to an end. That's right, the great salmon palace known as Paulina will soon be no more… at least to me, though the remaining roommates have assured me I can still drop by and play beer pong from time to time. As long as I buy the beer.

I'm moving to Venice. Italy. Sike, California, and shame on you if you actually though I would move to a country where every word ends in 'i' (except Venice. And Italy.) Also, shame on you if you're thinking 'Sike' should be spelled 'Psych'. It should not, because 'Sike' was invented by 5th graders, and 5th graders don't understand advanced spelling.

The reasons for my move are threefold:

1) My brother Mark and I are actually buying the house. And by "my brother Mark and I", I mean he's buying 90% of it, and I'll own the garage. Apparently it's easier to make money in finance than it is in entertainment writing… or else he's just a better person than I. In either case, we were looking for a good investment, and supposedly Venice is a good place for that, assuming California doesn't break off and fall into the ocean in the next 5 years.
2) As my writing career progresses, I'm finding more and more need to be closer to the 'biz', and the people associated with said 'biz'. Not that I couldn't drive to the 'biz' from Redondo Beach... I just really hate the 405.
3) It's time for a change. South Bay has a way of sucking you in and making you forget you're not in college anymore (check out almost any archive page of this website to find evidence supporting this). Work is easy here. Life is easy. Sometimes, to stick to your big picture plans, you've got to upset the apple cart. And by apple cart, I mean my life.

So, we've got this house in Venice, into which I will be moving with friends Sam, Gabe and Josh at the end of the month. You will most certainly be hearing more about all this in months to come. In meantime, the reason I mention this now is, I need your creativity/an excuse to post another list.

Our new house has a backyard. Not a giant backyard, but not bad. And it needs some yard games.

We already have a basketball hoop (how else do you think we have such awesome slam dunk contests?). I'm not including drinking-related yard games, because A) that opens up a whole new can of beans, and B) I can assure you, we have that part covered. So far, then, I've come up with only the following short list of fun activities for our new and wonderful yard.

1) Horseshoes. Requires sandpits, which can also be used as sandboxes/places to urinate.
2) That bean-bag game involving two stanted-roof wooden crates with holes cut in them. Like horseshoes, but without the sandpits and head injuries.
3) Pop-a-shot. If anybody can point me to a place I can get one of these for less than $200, I'll buy one tomorrow.
4) Tetherball. All I need is a ball, and a tether. And a pole. And some knowledge of how to play tetherball.

Any other suggestions? Email me. Paulina 2 commands you!



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