Photograph of Another Bird - 9/8/09
I was at Vons the other night, buying milk at midnight (obviously), when I saw this. I needed to share it with the world.

Somebody lost their cockatiel, named Charlie. Very sad. But then I noticed what was written below the picture... (sorry for the blurry picture: camera phone + night = less than pristine photo):

"Very similar to this photograph of another bird." So this isn't Charlie, but if you see a cockatiel flying around that looks sort of like this, it might be him.

Which brings up a good point: how often to you actually photograph your cockatiel? The only reason you would, I guess, would be in case this happened.

I guess all cockatiels do kind of look alike. Which raises another good point: couldn't the owners just buy another one, name him Charlie, and go on about their business? Like one of those cliche sitcom plots. Iím sure they could find another bird that looked pretty darn to close to what Charlie looked likeÖ like, for example, maybe the one they photographed. But then that birdís owners would be sad... and the cycle continues. And Iím sure Charlie was "beloved" or something, and had a special cockatiel personality. Because, clearly, cockatiels have personalities.

I also like that, if you see Charlie, you should use a net or pillowcase to gently capture him. In case, you know, you happen to be carrying either of those items while shopping at Vons.



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