Babies vs. Avocados - 10/12/07
I'm sad to report that the California Avocado billboard near my house has been taken down.

This marks the end of the California Avocado Growers' "What's More Irresistible?" campaign, a campaign which pitted (pun intended) this important fruit against a series of opponents in the category of - you guessed it - what's more irresistible?

I didn't realize avocadoes were such a big deal in California, but apparently they're like the state fruit. Avocadoes, and Richard Simmons. Hoo-rah!

My favorite match up - and the one featured on the billboard near my house - was Avocado vs. Adorable Baby. Unfortunately, they took down the sign before I could get a good picture, but here's a crude recreation:

So question is: what's more irresistible, a cute baby or an avocado?

What... To eat?

I'm not sure I'm getting this. I thought long and hard, and I can't think of a single category in which "baby versus avocado in an irresistible contest" is a close call. Consider the following everyday situations:

What's More Irresistible?*
More irresistible to... put on your salad. More irresistable Creepy
...emerge from your womb. Creepy More irresistable
...grow on a tree. More irresistable Weird
...take its first steps. Creepy More irresistable a good source of vitamin C. More irresistable Gross
...turn into a toddler. Super creepy More irresistable made into guacamole. More irresistable Wrong
...scream. Disturbing More irresistable the other one. Weird More irresistable
*To prevent this from spiraling into dead baby jokes (and don't get me wrong, I LOVE dead baby jokes), I tried to keep this list short and focused. I'm not sure if I succeeded.

As you can see, none of these are even close. It's like a dolphin versus a horse in a triathlon.

I appreciate what they were going for, but they really should have thought out their comparison a little more. I'm not sure publicity is good publicity if it makes me contemplate eating babies.

UPDATE: Within a few days of this post, I'd received several emails demanding how I, as a lover of Dead Baby Jokes, could possibly have failed to tread into that taboo territory. Finally, I aquiesced. After all, I'm not made of stone.

Yes, avocado really runs away with it once you start getting into Dead Baby Joke territory.

What's More Irresistible?
More irresistible to...
...stack into a nice pile on a grocery store shelf. More irresistable Wrong green once you peel its skin off. More irresistable Wrong
...rot, if left unattended in a car for three weeks. More irresistable Wrong
...go great with tortilla chips. More irresistable Wrong found in a dumpster. TIE TIE



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